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Review: Revlon Colorstay Lipgloss

by Holly James
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 I recently tried a few Revlon Colorstay products from the drugstore to see what they were like, since I’ve heard some great reviews from other YouTubers…. The images above are two of the lip products I bought from the Colorstay line. I’ll tell you right off the top— I DO NOT like these. They were the most uncomfortable lip product I’ve ever tried. It’s kind of ingenious in theory, because the color does stay for a very long time— it’s almost like a lipstain, but much different.When I first spread the color on my lips, I liked the feel, because it was a very light-weight gloss that had a strange sort of slip to it. However, when it started to dry, it sealed in the lip color to a thin waxy-sticky feel — that tasted horrible! The color stays for sure— I had to literally SCRUB this formula off of my lips. I can understand the appeal of getting your lipgloss to last all day, but it was extremely uncomfortable for my lips, because they felt dry and tight and when I licked them to give a little more moisture the remnants of  gloss really had an awful taste. I returned these because they definitely landed the fail-scale list for me. I had hoped they’d have a gloss but sort of stain my lips like a lipstain would, but instead I got a waxy permanent-marker feeling on my lips.I definitely would not recommend this product- because there are other products on the market to make your lipstick last all day. Instead of a lipGLOSS this seemed more like a liquid lipstick than to me. For the $11.99 /CA I paid, they were definitely not worth it. Sorry, Revlon, lost me on this one 🙁

Have you guys tried these lipglosses? What do you think? What about other products from Revlons Colorstay line? 
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