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Hello! We’re Getting a Facelift!

WHOA. That’s… Different!

Thank you for coming to– you may have found some of my top posts through Google, or possibly via my Youtube channel, either way thank you for the visit! I know the site looks… erm… a little strange at the moment. This is not the first time has changed its appearance, however, there are going to be some major internal changes that will be taking place over the next couple weeks. This includes changing the direction Beautynewbie will be taking as a brand and business. For the time being, I encourage you to please check out the archives to read previous articles. You can also sign up to be notified when the new launches (and get a free face chart collection download) so you don’t miss the reveal!

Why the change?

Many of you know that my Mother passed away this year. It has been a very difficult time for me in returning to normal day-to-day things and maintaining Beautynewbie was the last of my priorities for some time, now.

When you lose someone so significant in your life, it affects how you view yours. I have realized that I’ve been needing to shift directions with Beautynewbie for some time… In fact I was becoming worried that I might be outgrowing Beautynewbie on a personal level. Beauty & makeup has always been a passion of mine (in fact it was my career choice!) but after a lot of thought and self-awareness I’ve concluded that my passions long to expand into different avenues and broader content. Don’t worry– this doesn’t mean Beautynewbie is completely changing. The fun stuff will still stay like reviews, tutorials and swatches and the importance of Cruelty-Free products.

But blogs sometimes need to grow with the people writing them. So, in addition to the same ol’,  I will be broadcasting more meaningful content (still related to beauty) that I hope will inspire and beautify the many souls who tune into There will also be a dedicated section for beauty bloggers and small biz MUA’s alike to help them expand and improve their craft of makeup artistry and business.

I hope that my loyal readers will find this a positive change and will embrace this new phase in Beautynewbie’s development.

Thank you Beauties,

Holly xox

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